The love for gems is what started everything, and it will always be present in our collections. The beauty of what can be informally called “living gems” – when the gem has some visual characteristics that can change according to environmental conditions, such as colour and luminescence – is definitely something I try to integrate into my work when the design requires it.

∆∙The experience∙∇

Creatively Designed Pieces

Creative ideas are a real magic manifastations and we design to see it happen, Fine Jewellery Art is a fascinating craft that draws inspiration from a diverse range of art forms. From the flowing lines of Art Nouveau to the ethereal designs of Visionary Art, and the endless melodies of Music, each piece is a fusion of different artistic styles, experiences or stories .

Crafted with skilled hands and boundless creativity, every piece of Fine Jewellery Art is unique. But it all started somewhere...


Our past feeds the present with the strength to thrive in the future

Olaf’s Heir Pendant

In a pendant of sterling silver, a tale is told, Of King Olaf's wisdom, a legacy that will unfold. With visionary art, the adornment takes form, Flowing with life's fluidity, a balance to transform. ✤ Embedded in the pendant, the king's wisdom does reside, A symbol of ultimate guidance, to be a faithful guide. As it sparkles and shines, a surreal vision comes alive, Ancient connections whisper, and our spirits they revive.