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Slowly Crafted in the ancient land of Ireland

Crafting Tales into One-off Wearable Art Pieces

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Fine Wearable Art

In the crucible of creativity, precious metals and natural gems entwine, shaping art that pays homage to the organic grace of art nouveau and visionary echos of modern artistry.

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"From the marriage of precious metals and natural gemstones we create tales of art"

Visionary Collections

Sustainable, Unique and Creative

Creative ideas are a real magic manifestation and we design to see it happen, Sustainable Fine Jewellery Art is a fascinating craft that draws inspiration from a diverse range of art forms and eco-practices. From the flowing lines of Art Nouveau to the ethereal designs of Visionary Art, guided by music, each piece is a fusion of different artistic styles, experiences or stories. From ethically sourcing our materials to almost zero production waste. We believe in creating beauty that doesn't cost the earth, ensuring that our jewellery not only tells a story but also reflects our commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Crafted with skilled hands and boundless creativity, every piece of Fine Jewellery Art is unique and singularly produced. But it all started somewhere...

Cosmic Seed -  Golden Ring


Bring Life to Your Personal Tale

Let our designer bring your unique vision to life, crafting a one-of-a-kind piece that tells your story in exquisite detail. Embrace the opportunity to shape your narrative through the artistry of Fabio Oliveira. Your jewellery, your tale—we will make it real.

Our past feeds the present with the strength to thrive in the future

Previous Endeavors

Olaf’s Heir Pendant

In a pendant of sterling silver, a tale is told, Of King Olaf's wisdom, a legacy that will unfold. With visionary art, the adornment takes form, Flowing with life's fluidity, a balance to transform. ✤ Embedded in the pendant, the king's wisdom does reside, A symbol of ultimate guidance, to be a faithful guide. As it sparkles and shines, a surreal vision comes alive, Ancient connections whisper, and our spirits they revive.